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Alexis Daniels based out of Chattanooga, TN was so much fun to work with. She paid attention to every little detail. While making the planning so easy and fun for us. It's important to have someone who truly cares about you and your special day. This is such as special time in your life, don't make it stressful!!! Have fun and enjoy every moment! Thanks AlexCole Company - we absolutely enjoyed our day.

-Haven Hall, AC Bride


AlexCole company took over as our wedding coordinators in a very last minute situation. Most companies would not have taken the job on such short notice, but they accepted the challenge with confidence! They took the decor they were given and went above and beyond, using their creativity to make it look more beautiful than we could have imagined! The wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception were all organized and well executed. They are also fun and enjoyable to work with! I would recommend AlexCole company for help with any and all events.

-Chelsie Wilson, AC Bride


Alexis did a wonderful job as our wedding coordinator. Although we hired her a month before our wedding which isn't ideal (Hire her in the beginning!), we were very impressed with her services. My husband and I forgot to order the backdrop for the green wall, I informed her about this and she offered to create one and did a fantastic job. The wall was also used as a backdrop for the photo booth which we also rented from her. We highly recommend the photo booth, our guest enjoyed it and it was easy to use. The wedding was well organized and started on time. She was very professional and we did not receive any negative reactions from her or her team when I asked to make a last-minute change. We highly recommend that you hire her and do not think twice about it. 


- Sheldon & Tiffany Henry, AC Couple


My husband and I were blessed to have the dynamic duo for our big day! Even if I did the day all over, the two of them are a MUST HAVE! Alexis did an amazing job coordinating our wedding, and her husband is an awesome DJ. Together, they are a power couple team, and you need them both for your big day! However, Alexis helped us the entire day to stay on track and on time. She helped round everyone up when it was needed. I didn’t feel like I had to worry about staying on track, worry about finding everyone, and I didn’t have to be the one in control of everything because she had everything under control. Before I walked down the aisle and all of the guests were arriving, she could tell that I was a little overwhelmed by everyone being in the very small room that we were getting ready in, especially when my flower girl started screaming. She had everyone go out of the room to give me a minute. I didn’t even say that I needed a minute or realize that I needed to take a moment, but she picked up on it instantly. Anything I needed, she went to get it. If I needed someone she made sure to get them. She made sure the timing was right on the music, and she made sure everyone walked down the aisle when they needed to. If anything went wrong, I didn’t know about it, and that is exactly how it should be. The bride shouldn’t have to be stressed out on their big day. If something went wrong, she took care of it. I would highly recommend her to coordinate your big day. Your biggest wedding day regret would be to not have her there with you! She truly helped in more ways than I even realized! I’m blessed to know her, and I’m beyond grateful that she was able to help make my big day such an amazing memory and smooth experience! I couldn’t imagine doing the day without her!

- Cheyenne Holmes,  AC Bride


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