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AlexCole Company is a premier event planning and event design company based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Known for their elegant, over-the-top creations, AlexCole Company is committed to granting every client’s wishes and then adding a “little extra” to make it more than they ever imagined. 

The name “AlexCole Company” was given to founder, Alexis Daniels, in September 2017. “I had no idea what type of business would become of the name but I knew whatever it was, it had to be elegant, classy, and sharp,” says Alexis. Not wanting to make any sudden business decisions, Alexis sat on the name for over a year. Finally, after many discussions with her husband, Alexis firmly decided to launch AlexCole Company as an event design company.


The company started renting out one photo booth in October 2018. By August of 2019, AlexCole Company had developed into a full service event design business, offering event planning, day-of coordinating, uplighting, photo booth rentals, gobo, and decor services.


Alexis wants AlexCole Company to be known as a vendor that caters to the needs and wants of their clients. Being innovative and non-traditional allows AlexCole Company to customize events that suit their clients exclusive tastes and preferences. 

Alexis is a mother of 3 wonderful children (Kenedi, Kingston & Keegan) and is the wife to DJ extraordinaire @themilliondollaman.

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